Reviews of Kotton Grammer

David Castro, founder of RankRabbit, has given Kotton Grammer review on video! Check out the video reviews of Kotton that David gave on youtube!

David Castro spoke very highly of Kotton. Heres what he said: “Kotton Grammer is without a doubt the Michael Jordan of Search marketing and its truly a pleasure to call him a mentor. If Im completely honest, there is no one that I know that I look up to more than Kotton. He’s given me a wealth of Search engine optimization knowledge and just the most cutting edge marketing techniques that truly set us apart from any internet marketer on the planet. But most importantly, he’s taught me to demand more from myself and to continually push the boundaries of my capabilities in all areas of my life. And he didn’t do this by telling me but by me observing him. Watching him just keep hammering away and going after everything he set his mind to with an obsession. He’s just changed my life. So, whether it’s as a consultant or a coach I guarantee you, for anyone thats watching, Kotton will have a huge impact on your business. If you get the opportunity to work with him, take it.”

More From David Castro here, “My video was chopped out by about 20 seconds and about 5 seconds at the end after going live on Youtube and I wanted to fix that before sharing my testimonial of Kotton. Unfortunately, its impossible to edit the file once its gone live.

Anyway, the meat of what I wanted to say about what Kotton’s mentorship has had on my life was captured:

Growing up and living in an environment where the norm for everyone I know is living reactive lives and begging, I swear I have spent most my life looking for someone from anywhere I could to help me escape the prison.

Since joining OMG, not only did I find that in Kotton Grammer, but I found this city we call OMG! In it a slew of other coaches and people who represent and epitomize the way I strive to live, the way I strive to think, the way I strive to speak — just everything I have always yearned to be. It goes way beyond any internet marketing info here, and although my appreciation mostly goes unspoken, I wanted to quickly let it be said here. #KottonGrammerReview

…Influence from someone I look up to is thee only thing I ever wanted in and so the opportunity to possibly have direct mentorship from someone like Kotton, just doesn’t let me sleep at night #CagedBeast


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